Choosing Blinds For Your Bathroom

Wooden Bath

There are a number of things to look out for when purchasing window blinds for bathrooms. Choosing wrong can result in rust, mould, and warping.

To guarantee this doesn’t happen, you should purchase ones specifically made for a wet environment. These come in the form of Rollers, Verticals, Venetians, Wood Venetians, or even Shutters. Each of these are available in a moisture resistant fabric or material, making them perfect for a wet room, or moist area. You can also match these up with window furnishings and fabrics without moisture resistance in the rest of your home.

There are two routes we suggest to purchasing for your home:

  1. Using a local supplier and fitter (preferably)
  2. Purchasing online

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The biggest made to measure store online:
We highly recommend purchasing them from Web Blinds, they’re the largest supplier of made to measure window furnishings online and have a fantastic range covered under a long-lasting 2 year guarantee.

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Window Furnishing Ideas

A lot of people have difficulty in choosing window blinds for their bathrooms, en-suites, and other wet areas. In most scenarios we recommend having a matching option to the rest of your home, which is possible with any of the companies we recommend on this website by using the moisture resistant fabrics or options. For example, if you have real wood around your home, you can use faux wood in your bathroom.

Here are the different types available for wet or moist environments:



Rollers can have a teflon coating giving them resistance to moisture. They can also be made with aluminium headrails making them rust-proof and long lasting.



Verticals can come with PVC or Teflon coated fabrics, protecting them 100% from any moisture.


Aluminium Venetian

Venetians are made from aluminium slats and come in a variety of different colours. The most common colour for bathrooms is white. They also provide 100% moisture resistance and will not rust or warp in heat or moisture.

Wooden Venetians


Faux wood come in a wide range of colours and slat widths. It’s specially coated to make it perfect for moist environments, unlike regular wood it will not warp with moisture.



Plantation Shutters are incredibly strong and hardwearing. They’re a classic window furnishing with a recent come-back in home fashion. The most popular choice for bathrooms is white to match the standard bathroom appliances, as seen in the photograph above. Shutters can optionally be moisture, steam, and heat resistant.

How to Clean Your Blind

Here is a very useful video from YouTube on cleaning venetians and verticals:

If you’re looking to replace yours because they’re too dirty, then try this instead.

There’s absolutely no need to replace your old ones with new ones simply because there is a little dirt on them, and it’s surprisingly not that difficult to clean them.

The video above explains everything you need to know. Hope that helps.